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BLOG Entry - 2008 December (Thursday 4th)

Ok a fair bit has been happening since my last blog entry. In short :

1. My friends in Kounterfeit are looking to reform and would like me to be part of the band again

2. My good friend Taleb would like me to join his fusion outfit

3. Reworkt (a great Peninsula cover band) would like me to join them

4. SoulTrain has fired up again and I think we now have a guitarist

5. Most importantly Contraband is rocking on, having now been signed by both Uptempo and AES. 

So, all in all there is a lot of opportunity/demand and Im still trying to figure out what I can commit to. The great news is that  Contraband  is starting to get busy - having just completed a gig at Darnum on Friday night and having another one book next Friday. Whats more It  looks like Gippsland (Darnum, Drouin, Warragul) might be a place where Contraband might be getting significant work as a result of making some fantastic contacts at Fridays gig.

On the equipment front - I have used my new lighting system for the first time (2 x icolor 4 systems) and my new Mackie desk. Both systems were fantastic and represent 2 of the best purchases I have ever made. Of special note is the Mackie desk...because when you have to run your own PA and play you want something that has just the right features and is FAST to set-up and EASY to use.....The Mackie DFX-12 is superb in every respect. For me and the type of pub work I do this is the perfect mixer - I wouldnt bother with anything else as the feature set and layout is 100% perfect for this kind of thing....

I think I will have time for one more blog before christmas (maybe next week) after our next Contraband gig......

2008 December Blog Darnum playing bass live with CB
ContraBand in Darnum - December 2008 (Thursday 4th) #2

The drive to Darnum

ContraBand in Darnum - December 2008 (Thursday 4th) #3

Darnum Hotel

ContraBand in Darnum - December 2008 (Thursday 4th) #4

It’s 109kms from home (and I did get lost!)

ContraBand in Darnum - December 2008 (Thursday 4th) #5

Before the gig

ContraBand in Darnum - December 2008 (Thursday 4th) #6

Between sets

ContraBand in Darnum - December 2008 (Thursday 4th) #7

A Happy crowd