Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2008 November (Monday 3rd Cup Day)

Fancy a nation having a public holiday for a horse race (Melbourne Cup)....well Im not complaining. I have been busily getting all my music stuff in order and also just got a new Apple iMac 24inch computer which is awesome. (Im hoping this will allow me to do even better mixing and video editing for future additions to this page).

On the music front Contraband has been signed by agent UPTEMPO so we are hoping to start to get some gigs from them shortly. Additionally we have a gig at Pugg Mahones next Saturday night (in Bendigo) which should be fun. We are also having a rehearsal on Friday to try out 4 new songs : “I kissed a girl”, “Love rears its ugly head”, “Big girls are beautiful”, “All summer long”. So I’ve been busily practicing those.

As far as other bands are concerned, I have resigned from Fighting For Friday due to a lack of available time on my part. Also one of the two Soul bands I was working on I have decided to resign from (for the same reason) and the other Soul band is taking a hiatus while a new guitarist is sorted. So all in all Contraband is my main musical outlet and hopefully the agents will keep as very busy.

Till next time when I write about our Puggs gig...Peace


2008 November Blog Melbourne Aquarium Image #1 with Contraband