Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2008 October (Sunday 19th)

We had an awesome gig with LaTrobe University at the Melbourne Aquarium on Thursday night 16/10/08. Huge crowd, great food, fantastic venue. Everybody was up and dancing by about the 3rd song and they stayed up all night!

This gig was a definite highlight for me and we even got a bit of video footage to include in our brand new promotions pack that will be sent out to agents and other interested parties this week.

On a more general note, I have had to reduce my band involvement down to 2 bands due to a number of conflicting bookings, but just as things start to settle, my good friend Shane from ‘The ShaneDiiorio Band’ phones me and asked me to sub a few gigs in November...and I cant say no can I (especially after that last Nighthawk Blues gig)...

So until my next installment..Peace...J

2008 October Blog LaTrobe Uni Image #1 with Contraband