Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2008 September (Sunday 21st)

Back from holidays in Tasmania and into the routine again....well things move fast. Firstly my very good friend Shane Diiorio (who just got back from a ‘blues’ trip around the US) has just invited me to play with him and one of my favorite drummers (Taleb Taleb) at the Night Hawk blues bar in Moorabin on Friday October 10. This will be an awesome gig as we may even have guitar legend Brian Strafford joining us which would be very kool. This should be a great gig and Im looking forward to trying out some of Shanes new material.

Next Ive been invited to audition for “Contraband”  so once again Im going like crazy learning new songs. These guys do a lot of live gigs around town and I think I cover about half the set list already but there are still a few newies to learn...oh well maybe I can expand my ‘Tunes’ webpage with another 20 or

Finally an update on my current bands :

Fighting For Friday is pretty settled and we are just looking for some more gigs and maybe do another recording. My own little soul/funk project ‘SoulDeep’ is still getting start - having only had one rehearsal. My other band (still unnamed) is pretty much ready to go...we now have a pretty good list of 40 Soul/Jazz classics so apart from a few rehearsals to polish...we are just about there...

Thats about it for this instalment ....hope to add some more next week.

VEX 2008 September 21st Band Shoot Photo