Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2009 January  (Friday 16th)

The first gig for 2009 for me was with Contraband playing at the Portsea Hotel. What a fantastic venue and huge crowd....1400 + patrons.

This was a very busy gig on a number of fronts ranging from :

a/ Making sure we played well to a big crowd

b/ Recording the night on Video

c/ Recording a seven track live audio recording

I admit I love playing with audio and video technology...but running the live mixing desk, setting the video and running the live recording gear well as playing....was a handful. Can’t complain though as I got lots of new material to use on the Contraband website  and also each time I use all this stuff I learn a bit more about set-up, mic placement , etc etc

This was a fantastic way to start the new year and a gig I will remember for a long time!!...I really hope we get to  play there again !!!

So Im off again tonight to a gig with Contraband in Drouin which should be a lot of fun and it sounds like we have several more ranging from Bairnsdale, back to Drouin etc lined up in the coming weeks.

Call me crazy...but one more little thing Im just starting to work on is a new watch these blogs for how that project progresses - at this stage we are still in the audition stages.

2009 January Portsea (First CB gig there)
2009 January Portsea (First CB gig there) Icrowd image