Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2009 June (Saturday 13th)

June has been a quiet month performance-wise but a busy month in other ways.

CONTRABAND - with the imminent departure of Corey our lead singer the band is currently auditioning a replacement. 

TEACHING - Ive been quite busy with teaching, including helping one student prepare for band auditions and also Ive been doing a bit of work developing some new videos

GEAR - This moth has really been about sorting out my gear and making a few set-up adjustments. But Ive also been looking at some new equipment. In particular a lighter bass rig (maybe a SWR Marcus Miller GoLight) and also another bass - I really would love another Kubucki

THE FUTURE - Apart from a week of holidays Im planning in August, Im lookign forward to increasing my teaching and live performances. Im also thinking about another side-band project...but not sure what it is going to be yet. 

Keep watchin this space for more updates...