Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2009 May (Saturday 13th)

My latest 2 gigs have included Contrabands regular Portsea residency (2nd Saturday of every month) and a ‘first time’ gig at The Westernport Hotel.

Both gigs were great fun, with Portsea continuing to live up to its reputation as possibly the best live nightspot on the Peninsula. Even with our vocalist recovering from a cold, the band belted out it array of 40+ songs to an enthusiastic crowd (some times a little too enthusiastic)

We travelled down to ‘The Westernport’ hotel in San Remo and played the front bar to  a crowd of around 50 locals. This is a  great little venue and I imagine it would be absolutely wild in summer ! We are hoping to get back there on some sort of regular booking.

Latest breaking news....Contraband looks to have pretty much scored a monthly gig at Pugg Mahones in Bendigo...another one of my favorite venues...just a long drive ! 

On a personal note...Ive just about got this double thumb slap technique sorted.....another couple of weeks and I think I’ll be there.....nice :-)