Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2009 September (Friday 4th)

On the band front we have just been navigating the difficult waters of saying goodbye to one of the founding members of Contraband (Corey Bakes - lead vocals) and welcoming in Rob, our new vocalist. This transition has gone pretty smoothly and involved a very big final night party with Corey (on the beach at San Remo)  (thanks man you are a legend). Now onward we march with Rob - starting in Taralgon next week.

On the gear front ....where do I start 

AMPS - As I get older I think the amps get heavier and given my Trace Elliot gear weights in at almost 75kg it seemed a good time to look for an alternative....What I came up with is the latest in high-tech bass gear...The MarkBass range. The cabinet weighs in at a tiny 25 kgs and the head is a ridiculous 2 kg.

I’ve also finally arranged to have a few of my basses (including my Kubicki) set-up. My Treker Extreme 4 is getting a new bridge and my Kubicki is getting a full set-up and re-fret !!!

Im also switching to light-medium BlueSteel strings for my Fender 75 Jazz and Rotosound FM66 Funkmaster strings (very light) for my Kubicki. My other basses will continue to run the Alice brand of strings I get from , which are so reasonably priced and can change them every couple of weeks.