Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2010 June

Im pretty much settled in the US now and have just started advertising on Craigslist to provide free bass lessons (until my VISA changes and allows me to charge for lessons)

Ive been jamming with some great musicians in Gig Harbor and are looking forward to getting out and playing my first U.S.A gig in 25 odd years !!!

As you can imagine...moving from Australia is a big deal and I had to sell a lot of equipment but Im starting to re-buy things here in the US and I’ve also set myself up with a nice little upstairs studio.

So far Ive picked up a great MarkBass rig and a Tascam mixer and some awesome Mackie monitor coming soon.

Peace to you all...and I look forward to catching up and playing with some US musicians....drop me a line anytime.