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BLOG Entry - 2016 December

It seems that I always end up writing one of these Blog entries on Christmas day - and this year is no different.

This December the band (Not My Tempo)  have/had a couple of gigs including an Ugly Sweater gig (on December 23) and a NYE gig at the SnoValley Eagles club.

As it’s December 25; Im going to write about our Ugly Sweater gig. This had to be the ultimate Spinal Tap gig - If it could go wrong it did. Starting with our vocalist who had to cancel just a few hours before the gig due to medical issues - sending myself and Lori-Ann into a frenzy to find a fill-in. Fortunately for us a good friend Steve Biscarret from the band North Of Fifty  stepped in and helped us through. But that was only the beginning…..Our special guest Lukas who was coming to do a rap set fell ill just before the gig and was looking like he wouldn’t make it, but after a quick trip to Urgent Care he arrived just at the end of the band’s first set and proceeded to put out a brilliant 20 minute rap set finishing with a version of Lose Yourself (different words) that he performed with the band. Check Lukas out at https:  But possibly the biggest and saddest upset of the night was a couple of major car accidents that blocked the entrance to our venue, meaning that only 6-12 people attended the show. The good news for them was we had gifts and give-aways planned for 40 people….So everybody was a winner….LOL

Anyways - One more gig for 2016 and then into a new 2017….Who knows what is in store.

Peace Jon

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