Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2017 August - September

This has been such a diverse month of performing and seeing some great artists. Firstly Not My Tempo band played a end of summer private party which was a blast complete with Karaoke

 !. Then I was also playing with the North Of Fifty band (as a fill in) at Billy McHales in Federal Way. This was a fun gig at a venue that I’ve never played before. Lots of new tunes to learn - so always a bit exciting.

Finally Lori-Ann and I have seen some awesome live performances at Seattles Jazz Alley. We have seen both Maceo Parker and Marcus Miller. Two incredible performers with brilliant backing bands. I would see either of them again in a heartbeat !

To finish off the month I will being seeing Arturo Sandival at Jazz Alley this coming weekend and then playing next weekend with Not My Tempo at Rock The Dock in Tacoma (Sat 23).

Last but not least - September has been a busy month taking on new bass students. Its really exciting to see these new players unlocking skills and interests they never knew they had and I am honored to be part of it. Im sure I get just as much out of giving lessons as students do in receiving them.

Anyways…enjoy the pictures including some fun ones from my latest Not My Tempo gig at Rock The Dock in Tacoma, Washington (below)

Peace Jon

2017 (Aug/Sep) NMT Rock The Dock Image #1
2017 (Aug/Sep) NOF Live
2017 (Aug/Sep) Marine View
2017 (Aug/Sep) Marcus Miller at Jazz Alley
2017 (Aug/Sep) NMT Rock The Dock Image #4
2017 (Aug/Sep) NMT Rock The Dock Image #2
2017 (Aug/Sep) NMT Rock The Dock Image #3