Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2017 February

Im writing this entry one and a half weeks before flying back to Australia for a holiday. This month , Not My Tempo performed at Rock The Dock for Lori-Ann and 3 other friends combined birthday parties. A really, really fun night. It was also the last night that our other founding member (Guitarist - Chris Beserra) played  with us. So in that respect a mixture of happy and  sad moments.  Chris is such a great player - we will miss him. However in true NMT style we have a new performer who will be playing with us for the first time at our final February gig  (just a couple of days before I leave for Oz) at the NW Brewing company.

In terms of other music stuff, LA and I performed at the Marineview Presbyterian church this morning…(5 tunes played twice each). A lot of fun and a different setting than the usual rock band stuff. This was the first time both of us performed live with no amplification, just using headphone and a personal mixer.

Gear-wise I’ve been hoping to pick up another Kubicki bass but they are so expensive at the moment $1800 (second hand)….So I am looking at some alternatives….maybe a Musicman Sterling or a Fender Urge 1 (medium scale).

…And in case you are wondering - thats me in the WOLF MASK

Peace Jon

NMT Live Rock The Dock in Tacoma February 2017