Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2017 July

This month has been pretty busy.

The month kicked off with a Not My Tempo gig at NW Brewing - which for a moment looked like it might have been a   double booking situation, in the end everything worked out great and we had a fun night. Two weeks later Not My Tempo band played Rock The Dock….being summer we had a pretty full house from the moment we started 8:00pm through to midnight. It was also the first real test for my new Wireless system….Which is absolutely fantastic (great sound - no drop-outs)….What I did learn however is that it burns through 9V batteries…..given about 4 hours on the receiver and 5 on the transmitter….so I need to change batteries every show.

The day after the Rock The Dock gig I filled in with the North Of Fifty Band (Steve, Dave, Cameron, Glen) at the Kent Cornocopia Days) street festival. This was a fun gig (playing outside on a small festival type stage - see picture). Some new tunes for me included Walk Of Life and Smoking Gun.

As I write this I am preparing for another fill-in gig with North Of Fifty tomorrow at Raging River (8-12)….I believe the band is breaking in a new drummer so Im sure it will be a lot of fun. Thinking I might take my ‘Big Rig’ amp - just because I haven’t used it for a while and Im not responsible for running the PA.

Anyways…what a fun month for gigging…. and teaching continues with a new student joining.

More to come…..

Peace Jon

North Of Fifty July 2017 Outdoor Gig (Auburn Festival)
Wireless Transmitter and receiver