Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2018 January


Another year starts and Im feeling excited about a number of things this year (…sort of my Musical New Year Resolutions / Targets / and of course Wants)

1. This year is the year I get the Double Thumb slap technique into my regular repertoire. Last year I managed to get the double pop into my playing - now its time for the double thumb

2. Working on more complex tunes with my students…Starting with White Room, Don’t Stop Believing

3. Continue to focus on music theory - last year was a great kick start - because I had to brush up on lots of things to teach my students.

4. Work on my live set-up - both the band wireless mixer stuff and my own bass rig to account for the modern tones of the Status and Kubicki basses.

5. On the Want List….Another Status Bass but in a 32” scale

Band-wise Not My Tempo continues to rock on. This year we expect some line-up changes with Chris moving back to Guitar and the addition of a new drummer. We had our first gig for the year at Rock The Dock and it was a great gig. What was funny …The bar was as empty as I’ve seen it at 7:00pm then by 11:00pm every table was full. Great gig - but always more work to be done to improve.

Finally check out my latest video - White Room - there is a play along and an instructional video.

Peace Jon

Jon Randall 2018 January Blog