Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2019 May

I just realized how long it has been since I updated my BLOG…..So here it is

The NotMy Tempo band is reforming and we have our first gig next Saturday at ‘Rock The Dock’ in Tacoma. It’s been fun pulling out all the old songs and PA equipment to see what might work for this gig. Previously the former lineup had tried a variety of on-stage monitors then in-ear monitors. For the new line-up we are going back to on-stage monitors and we are putting the FOH behind us to hopefully mean we can run the floor monitors at a lower level. Of course there is always the risk of more feedback (so look out for my amendment in a couple of weeks to this blog to see how it went)

For the gear aficonadoes we are using a Soundcraft UI16 wireless mixer with iPAD and Fire tablets as the mixer and are running all powered FOH and monitors (Mackie Thump 12a). 2 FOH and 3 monitors. It should be interesting to see how it all works.

On the bass guitar side I will be playing my Status s4000 headless bass which I have been having a blast using.


Peace Jon

2019 May NMT Band Flyer