Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2019 November

A long overdue update to my BLOG. The band (Not My Tempo) has been moving forward as a 4 piece, so that has meant a lot of effort re-working songs and especially for Roger and Lori-Ann who have been learning the vocal parts to some 40+ tunes. Now with several gigs under our belt we are settling in to a nice cadence.

Interestingly I have been using my old analog mixer to run things in an effort to Keep It Simple (Stupid). Given the smallish venues and the only real need for mic’ing is the vocals this seems like a good option. Im sure I will get the digital UI16 out again but for simplicity at the moment the old system seems pretty effective. Also we are using 2 little spot monitors for the vocalists (Behringer B205D) which work well in low/medium volume environments.

On other news I’ve been feeling guilty about not putting anything up in my lessons area, so yesterday I put up some ideas for a bass solo in the song Spooky which is a mimic of the final guitar solo in the Atlanta Rhythm Section version. Although not technically a Lesson piece, Ive put it over in that section as a few students have asked for it (originally I just posed it on Facebook).

Peace Jon

2019 November Marine View