Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2020 August

And so the  CORONAVIRUS pandemic continues…

Ive been starting to look at my gear and think about what  I will need back in Melbourne when we return next year (2021)…basses check, effects check, recording gear check, Amp - now this is where it gets tricky…firstly there is the shear size of my Trace Elliot and Mark Bass rigs…then there is the 110v/240v issue (Both heads would need to be modified)… still thinking about how to best address that.

So as our self-isolation continues I am still working on the rest of ‘My Shot’ from Hamilton that I previewed last month. (See right hand side)

Ive also been thinking about maybe purchasing one more bass before we move back to Oz….another Kubicki or a Status headless would be great but will need to see how the funds go.

I miss performing but hoping 2021 will offer new opportunities

Take care