Jonathan Randall

Musician / Bass Player

BLOG Entry - 2021 September

Well its been almost a year since my last BLOG entry; so its good be back able to perform some updates. Since my last BLOG in 2020 I have moved from the USA back to Australia and even as I write this I am in quarantine in New South Wales. Fortunately my wife and I have been able to continue to practise in our hotel because we brought a keyboard and one of my basses plus a mixer to help pass the time.

With most of Australia still in COVID lockdown Im not sure when we will be playing live next, but we are hoping to have a new band ready to go for part of summer 2021. (Well - once lockdowns end, and all our music gear arrives from the USA and some of the amps get converted from 110V to 240v).

I’ve even thought about starting up teaching again - so we will see where that goes (stay tuned).

For now (enjoy these rough quarantine practises

Peace Jon