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BLOG Entry - 2019 January

Its been a while since my last post. As far as the Not My Tempo Band is concerned we are back to practicing and auditioning members. We have been fortunate enough to find a drummer and are now just looking for a lead vocalist.

Additionally I picked up a new (OLD) bass…1989 Status S4000 which I have been enjoying playing. This is a great instrument that is pretty much everything I look for in a bass:

Headless - check

80’s styling -check

80’s HiFi sound - check check

Easy / fast neck - check

I think I will probably get it set-up as I suspect the action could be lowered even further. The only thing that could make this bass better is a 32” scale instead of the 34”, but it is such a fast neck that it really isn’t a problem. In fact I’ve been so impressed with the bass I’ve been wondering if Status would make me another one, but truthfully I will probably end up at some point with either one of their new basses in a 32” scale or another s4000 or S3000 if cone comes along.

Thats it for now….Starting to get a lot of subscribers on YouTube so it might be time to make another video

Peace Jon

Status Bass S4000 2019 January Blog